CFox - Built-in modules

CFox - Built-in modules

COM - System buses

CIB - Common Installation Bus (R): Installation I/O bus

DI - Organization of binary inputs

Total number of binary inputs

DI - Parameters of binary inputs DC (group A)

Input type

DO/RO - Organization of binary outputs

Total number of binary outputs

DO - Parameters of binary transistor outputs (group A)

Switching current, output load


Number of transistor outputs


Output type

RO - Parameters of binary relay outputs (group A)

Switching current


Output type

AI - Organization of analog inputs

Input type


Total number of analog inputs

AI - Analog Input Ranges (Group A)

Passive sensor


Passive sensor


Passive sensor


Passive sensor


Passive sensor


Passive sensor


Passive sensor


Passive sensor



AO - Analog output parameters

Output type

Power supply

Power supply from CIB - voltage


Supply voltage, tolerances

Operating conditions, product standards

Type of device


IP rating (Ingress Protection) according to ČSN EN 60529: 1993 (idt IEC 529: 1989)


Ambient operating temperatures

List for whole category / page 1 of 1 / total 15 item(s)

TXN 133 02


C-OR-0202B; CIB, 2x AI/DI; 2x RO NO/NC contacts; 230VAC/16A

TXN 133 70


C-LC-0202B; CIB, 2x RO switching contact, 230V / 16A (inrush 80A), 2x DI with local function

TXN 133 69


C-JC-0201B; CIB, 1x jalousie actor (2xRO with dependent switching, local function). 230VAC/16A, 2x DI

TXN 133 81


C-DM-0001B-SL; CIB, control of a string of addressable RGB LEDs (WS2812)

TXN 133 25


C-IR-0202S; CIB, 2x AI/DI - RTD or contact, 1x RO 3 A, 1x AO (1-10 VDC)

TXN 133 65


C-IR-0203S; CIB, 2x AI / DI Temperature / contact, 2x AO (0-10V); 1x RO, 230V / 16A (inrush 80A) make / break contact

TXN 133 26


C-IT-0504S; CIB, 5x AI/DI - RTD or contact, 4x AO (0-10V/10mA)

+1The product has other variants TXN 133 52.01


C-IT-0908S-NPN; CIB, 6xDI, 2xAI/DI, 1x AI (contact/temperature), 8x NPN LED driver 3mA (LED - common anode)

TXN 133 47


C-RI-0401S; CIB, 2x AI/DI RTD or contact; 1x IR transmitter, 1x IR receiver, 1x AI - light intensity (including IR LED+IR Sensor)

TXN 133 53


C-WG-0503S; CIB, 2x AI/DI/EZS, 3x DO (NPN), 1x Wiegand/3x DI(TTL), 12VDC/60mA power supply, for security detectors

+1The product has other variants TXN 133 61


C-RQ-0600S; CIB, built-in module for connecting temperature, humidity, motion and CO2 sensors, 2x AI / DI

+1The product has other variants TXN 143 14

C-IS-0404STXN 143 14

C-IS-0404S; CIB, 4x AI/DI, 4x DO (1/2 H-bridge / PWM open collector)

TXN 133 29 Sales and production discontinued


C-IT-0200S, CIB, 2x AI/DI RTD or contact

TXN 133 66 Sales and production discontinued


C-IT-0202S; CIB, 2x AI / DI Temperature / contact, 2x AO (0-10V)

TXN 133 23 Sales and production discontinued


C-DL-0012S; CIB-DALI converter, for 12 DALI Ballasts