HMI - Alphanumeric panels

HMI - Alphanumeric panels

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TXN 054 33


ID-14 LCD operator panel 4x20 characters (TCL2 bus connection)

TXN 054 37


ID-17, Graphic Operator Panel, LCD 240x64px monochrome, 12 keys, 4DI, 2RO, (TCL2)

TXN 054 33.01

ID-14 Tecoreg

ID-14 4x20 character LCD panel (TCL2) with Tecoreg front panel

TXF 790 24


SM-9024 Set for Mounting ID-14, ID-17 on DIN Rail

TXF 790 25


SM-9025 kit for fixing basic module Foxtrot ID-14, ID-17