Foxtrot - Communication Modules (TCL2)

Foxtrot - Communication Modules (TCL2)

COM - Serial channels

Number of internal CAN ports


Number of internal RS-485 serial channels

COM - System buses

Peripheral system bus I / O expansion

Power supply

Supply voltage, tolerances

Operating conditions, product standards

IP rating (Ingress Protection) according to ČSN EN 60529: 1993 (idt IEC 529: 1989)


Type of device


Ambient temperature operating range

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TXN 111 01


SC-1101 1x RS-232 / RS-485 interface

TXN 111 02


SC-1102; 1x CAN interface

TXN 111 11.A


SC-1111-A; RF interface for RFox2, radio type A

TXN 111 12.T


SC-1112-T; RF interface for Wireless M-BUS, mode T

TXN 112 03


UC-1203; MP-bus, communication module for Belimo servo drives

TXN 112 04


UC-1204; Open Therm, communication module for boiler connection

TXN 105 52


KB-0552, Converter TCL2 (RS-485) / MM optical fiber