Meteo - Home Series

Meteo - Home Series

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IQWS-4000 Weather Station

IQWS-4000 Weather Station; ETH, Wind speed and direction, humidity, dew point, abs. pressure, solar radiation, power supply 12V / 60mA, POE passive

IQWS-4000 POE splitter (GIOM3000)

IQWS-4000 POE splitter

IQWS-4000 (Giom3000 Ethernet), PoE splitter (Passive Power over Ethernet, non compatible with IEEE 802.3af)

IQWS-4000 Adapter (GIOM3000 )

IQWS-4000 Adapter

IQWS-4000 (GIOM3000) Ethernet, Power adapter 230V AC/12V DC