RFox2 - DIN Rail Modules

RFox2 - DIN Rail Modules

DO - Parameters of binary transistor outputs (group A)

Number of transistor outputs


Output type


Switching current, output load

RO - Parameters of binary relay outputs (group A)

Output type


Switching current

AI - Analog Input Ranges (Group A)



Passive sensor


Passive sensor


Passive sensor

AO - Analog output parameters

Output type

Power supply

Supply voltage, tolerances

Operating conditions, product standards

IP rating (Ingress Protection) according to ČSN EN 60529: 1993 (idt IEC 529: 1989)


Type of device


Ambient operating temperatures

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TXN 132 43.A

R-SL-0201L-A, relay module and PWM

R-SL-0201L-A; RFox2, 2x AI/DI, 1x RO-800A NO contact, radio type A

TXN 142 09.A

R-EM-0300M-A, 3f electricity meter

R-EM-0300M-A; RFox2 fast electricity meter/quality meter, power supply 230 V AC/DC, 3x U, 3x I - for current transformer x:333 mV, radio type A

TXN 142 17.A

R-IS-0201M-A, external SSR control module

R-IS-0201M-A; RFox2, 2x AI / DI, 1x AO / PWM- for control of external SSR, 1f, radio type A

TXN 142 18.A

R-IS-0203M-A, control of 3 external SSR

R-IS-0203M-A; RFox2, 2x AI / DI, 3x AO / PWM- for control of external SSR, 3f, radio type A

TXN 142 22.A

R-DL-0203L-A, control 3x DALI

R-DL-0203L-A; RFox2, 2x AI / DI, 3x DALI (broadcast), type A radio