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TXV 005 48

MeteoLib library

The MeteoLib library contains a block for communication with the IQWS-4000 weather station.

TXV 005 36

SatelLib library

Communication driver for Integra 8-256, Integra Plus and Versa security control panels

TXV 005 44

PlcComSLib library

The PlcComSLib library contains function blocks and functions enabling the client to communicate with the PlcComS server.

TXV 005 39

YeelightLib Library

Description of function blocks and functions that allow you to control and monitor WiFi Yeelight LED bulbs via LAN / WiFi interface.

TXV 003 22

STDLib library

Description of the STDLib library - counters, timers, flip-flops, time functions, functions over a character string, data type conversion functions and arithmetic functions.

TXV 003 23

RegoLib library

The control library contains basic function blocks, which are used mainly for solving control tasks in the Tecomat PLC. However, the number of function blocks in this library finds wide application...

TXV 003 40

GSMLib library

The library contains support for using the GSM gateway GSM2-01. In version 1.5, it mainly allows receiving and sending short text messages (SMS).

TXV 003 41

FileLib library

The FileLib library contains a set of functions needed to work with files. This library can only be used for control systems equipped with a file system.

TXV 003 44

ModelLib Library - Process Modeling

The ModelLib library is used to model and simulate processes that can be described by differential equations.

TXV 003 45

RexLib library

The RexLib library contains a set of function blocks intended for system control.

TXV 003 47

BuildingLib library

The BuildingLib library is a library for the Mosaic programming environment. Its content is intended to support the programming of so-called building management applications.

TXV 003 48

SysLib library

The SysLib library contains functions that return information about the PLC system, configuration and its current status. Allows the application program to respond to the current configuration or state.

TXV 003 50

ServoLib library

FB ServoControl in this library allows easy control of the servo without feedback with two binary inputs, eg "Forward" and "Reverse", where the switching time determines the required distance traveled. The...

TXV 003 51

ComLib library

The library contains functions and function blocks enabling receiving and sending messages via the PLC communication channel. This can be either a serial line or Ethernet.

TXV 003 52

ModbusRTUlib library

The ModbusRTUlib library contains declarations of functions, function blocks, data types and global variables for Modbus RTU master and slave communication over a serial line and similarly for Modbus TCP...