RF-2131-ATXN 121 31.A

RF-2131-A; Single-channel external master of the RFox2 network, on the TCL2 system bus

COM 1x TCL2 slave
1x RFox2 master
Picture Variant Variant description
The RF-2131-A module is a system communication module enabling the connection of RFox2 wireless network modules or mutual wireless communication between several PLCs.

The module is operated by the RFoxMaster library in the Mosaic development environment.
TECOMAT FOXTROT central units allow the connection of up to 8 RF-2131-A system communication modules.
Order num. TXN 121 31.A
Teco code TXN 121 31.A
Categories RFox2 - System Modules, Foxtrot - I / O Expansion Modules (TCL2)
Tags -
COM - System buses
Peripheral system bus I / O expansion 1x TCL2 slave
The communication rate of the system I / O bus 345 kbps
COM - Wireless network
RFox2 wireless network RFox2 Master
RFox2 wireless network range up to 256 RFox2 slave nodes
Communication frequency band 868,1 MHz
Transmission power +14 dBm
Input sensitivity –108 dBm
Modulation type 2-GFSK
Communication speed 50 kbps
Transmission frequency 868,1 MHz
Power supply
Supply voltage, tolerances 24 V DC, +25%, -15%, SELV
Maximum power input < 0,5 W
Thermal loss of the module 0,4 W
Internal protection Yes
Size and weight
Weight approx. 75 g
Module width in multiples of M (17.5 mm) 1M
Product dimensions (width x height x depth) 18 x 90 x 58 mm
Operating conditions, product standards
Product standard ČSN EN 60730-1 ed. 2:2001 (mod IEC 60730-1:1999)
Protection class of electrical object III, according to ČSN EN 61140 ed.3: 2016 (idt IEC 61140:2016)
IP rating (Ingress Protection) according to ČSN EN 60529: 1993 (idt IEC 529: 1989) IP10B
Operating areas Normal, acc. ČSN 33 2000-1 ed.2: 2009 (mod IEC 60354-1:2005)
Degree of pollution 1, according to ČSN EN 60664-1: 2004 (mod IEC 60664-1: 1992)
Type of device Module on DIN rail
Working position According to the installation description
Type of operation (operating frequency) Continuous
Ambient temperature operating range -20 °C to + 55 °C
Storage temperature range –25 ° C to + 85 ° C
Relative humidity from 10 % up to 95 % without condensation
Atmospheric pressure min. 70 kPa (<3,000 m above sea level)
Electromagnetic compatibility, Mechanical endurance
Electromagnetic compatibility / Emission B, according to EN 55032 ed. 2: 2017 (idt CISPR 32: 2015)
Electromagnetic compatibility / Immunity min. according to ČSN EN 60730-1 ed.2: 2001
Sinusoidal vibration endurance 10 Hz to 57 Hz, amplitude 0,075 mm, 57 Hz to 150 Hz, acceleration 1 G (Fc test according to EN 60068-2-6: 1997 (idt IEC 68-2-6: 1995), 10 cycles per axis.)
Connection description An example of module connection is shown in the following figure. If the module is connected at the end of the TCL2 line, the terminator KB-0290 must be used. The module address on the TCL2 bus is set with the rotary switch.

Any type designed for the 868 MHz band with an SMA connector (pin) can be used as an antenna.
Connection description An example of module connection is shown in the following figure.
Module operation
Module diagnostics The basic diagnostics is performed internally and the result is available in the relevant Mosaic environment registers
Description The module does not require any maintenance under general installation conditions. The operations in which a part of the module has to be dismantled must always be carried out with the supply voltage disconnected.
Notice Because the module contains semiconductor components, it is necessary to follow the principles for working with electrostatic sensitive components when handling the removed cover. It is not allowed to directly touch the printed circuit boards without protective measures !!!
Generally Warranty and complaint conditions are governed by the Terms and Conditions of Teco a.s.
Notice You must meet all the conditions of this documentation before turning on the system. The system must not be put into service unless it has been verified and confirmed that the machinery meets the requirements of Directive 89/392 / EEC, in so far as it applies to it. Documentation subject to change.

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