C-EV-0505MTXN 143 13

C-EV-0505M; Electric vehicle AC charging control module; PP, CP, 2x AI/DI, 1x DI (for S0), 1x AI (AC), 2x RO, 1x RGB data, 24 VDC, 1x RCM, 2x Lock

1x DI (S0)
1x PP
DO 1x CP (DO/DI)
2x RO
1x RGB
AI 3x AI/DI see DI
COM 1x CIB slave
1x RGB data (< 30x WS2812)
1x input for residual current monitor (according to IEC 62752, IEC 60364-7-722)
Picture Variant Variant description
The C-EV-0505M module is intended for controlling the charging of electric cars with alternating current according to ČSN EN 61851-1. For charge control and back-diagnosis, the module contains CP (Control Pilot) and PP (Proximity function) outputs connected to the charging connector (Type 1, Type 2). In addition, the module contains relay outputs for controlling the contactor of the power supply to the electric car, one semiconductor output for controlling the charging connector lock, a data output for controlling up to 30 addressable RGB LED chips for charging signaling, a connector for connecting a residual AC/DC current monitor according to IEC 62752 and IEC 60364-7-772. The module also contains 3 universal AI/DI inputs and one counter input for counting pulses via the S0 interface from the supplied energy meter.

Enables the connection of an AC / DC leakage current control module (not included in the package).

The module has an input for a separate power supply from a 24 V DC source.
The module is designed for a DIN rail switchboard. It connects to the Foxtrot base module via the two-wire CIB Common Installation Bus®.
Order num. TXN 143 13
Teco code TXN 143 13
Categories CFox - Modules on DIN rail
Tags -
COM - System buses
CIB - Common Installation Bus (R): Installation I/O bus 1x CIB slave
DI - Organization of binary inputs
Total number of binary inputs 4
Number of groups of binary inputs 2
Organization of binary inputs into groups (AI1/DI1 - AI2/DI2, AI4/DI4) - group A,
DI3 (S0) - group B,
PP - group C
DI - Parameters of binary inputs DC (group A)
Parameters valid for inputs on the terminals AI1/DI1 - AI2/DI2, AI4/DI4,
Number of inputs in group 3
Common wire AGND1
Combined input type DI / AI - measurement of resistance sensors, sensing of potential-free contacts and balanced loops
Galvanic separation of inputs from CIB bus Yes
Pulse input overload capacity max. 30 V (t < 10 ms)
Delay from log. 0 to log. 1 1 ms
Delay from log. 1 to log. 0 1 ms
Max. measuring voltage on the connected contact 3,3 V DC
Internal input resistance 2 kΩ
Max. resistance for closed contact, log. 1 < 0,5 kΩ
Min. resistance for open contact, log. 0 > 1,5 kΩ
Balanced resistance input 1x <3,3 kΩ (tamper/0/1/tamper)
DI - Parameters of DC binary inputs (group B)
Parameters valid for inputs on the terminals DI3
Number of inputs in group 1
Common wire AGND - module ground
Combined input type Binary, balanced and pulse counter according to the S0 standard
Galvanic separation of inputs from CIB Yes
Max. measuring voltage on the connected contact 15 V DC
Internal input resistance 3,3 kΩ
Max. resistance for closed contact, log. 1 < 0,8 kΩ
Min. resistance for open contact, log. 0 > 4,2 kΩ
Balanced resistance input 1x <3,3 kΩ (tamper/0/1/tamper)
DI - Parameters of binary inputs DC (group C)
Parameters valid for inputs on the terminals PP
Combined input type Passive detection of maximum cable load according to ČSN EN 61851-1 ed. 2
Notice If the cable connection does not contain resistance Rc, it must be selected according to the table and connected directly between terminals B2 and B3
Resistance connected to PP input for 13 A cable load > 1,5 kΩ
Resistance connected to PP input for 20 A cable load 680 Ω
Resistance connected to PP input for 32 A cable load 220 Ω
Resistance connected to PP input for cable load 63 A 3f /70 A 1f 100 Ω
DO/RO - Organization of binary outputs
Total number of binary outputs 4
Number of binary output groups 2
Organization of binary outputs into groups 1x CP: DO/DI
2x LOCK: DO - group A
1x RGB: DO - group B
2x RO
DO/DI - Output CP
Parameters valid for outputs on terminals CP
Output type Control circuit according to ČSN EN 61851-1 ed. 2
No load output voltage ± 12 V
Rated frequency 1 kHz
Output impedance 1 kΩ
DO - Parameters of binary transistor outputs (group A)
Parameters valid for the terminals 2x (LOCK1, LOCK2)
Number of transistor outputs 2
Number of output groups 1
Number of outputs in group 2
Output type semiconductor output, half-bridge (push-pull)
Galvanic isolation of the outputs from CIB No
Nominal voltage of the lock drive 24 V DC
Rated output current 500 mA max.
DO - Parameters of binary transistor outputs (group B)
Parameters valid for the terminals RGB
Number of transistor outputs 1
Galvanic isolation of the outputs from CIB Yes
Switching voltage 5 V DC
Switching current, output load 0,5A max.
Short circuit protection Yes
RO - Parameters of binary relay outputs (group A)
Parameters valid for the terminals DO1, DO2
Number of relay outputs 2
Number of output groups 1
Number of outputs in group 2
Output type electromechanical relay, unprotected output
Contact type NO - Normally Open
Galvanic separation from internal circuits Yes
Diagnose Alarm signaling on panel module
Switching current 6 A max. for 250 V AC; 5 A max. for 30 V DC
Switching voltage 400 V AC max., 30 V DC max.
Switching power 1500 VA max for AC, 150 W max for DC
Short-term output overload - inrush 15 A max. (10 ms max.)
Contact closing time typ. 10 ms
Contact opening time typ. 5ms
Mechanical life min. 30,000,000 cycles
Short-circuit protection No
Treatment of inductive load External RC element, varistor (AC), diode (DC)
Insulation voltage between outputs and internal circuits 3750 V AC
Insulation voltage between contacts 1000 V AC
AI - Organization of analog inputs
Total number of analog inputs 3
Number of analog input groups 2
Organization of analog inputs into groups (AI1-AI2, AI4) - group A
Input type AI / DI - combined
Common wire AGND1
AI - Analog Input Ranges (Group A)
Parameters valid for inputs on the terminals AI1/DI1 - AI2/DI2, AI4/DI4
Passive sensor Pt1000, W100 = 1,385 (-90 to +400 ° C)
Passive sensor Pt1000, W100 = 1,391 (-90 to +400 ° C)
Passive sensor Ni1000, W100 = 1,500 (–60 to +200 ° C)
Passive sensor Ni1000, W100 = 1.617 (-60 to +200 ° C)
Passive sensor Resistance transmitter 0-160 kOhm
Passive sensor KTY81-121; PTC thermistor (-55 to + 125 °C)
Passive sensor NTC Thermistor 12k / 25 °C (-40 to + 125 °C)
DI: Voltage-free contact 0 when> 1.5 kOhm, 1 when <0.5 kOhm
DI: Balanced resistance input 2x 1k1 (tamper/0/1/tamper)
Resistance measurement error - maximum error at 25 ° C ± 2% of full scale
Residual current sensor parameters
Frequency range DC ÷ 2 kHz
Load current <80 A RMS (single phase) or <3x 32 A RMS (three phase)
Measurement resolution 0,2 mA
Residual current range 0 ÷ 300 mA
Power supply
Supply voltage, tolerances 24 V DC, +25%, -15%, SELV
Power supply from CIB - voltage 24/27 V DC
Auxiliary power supply - voltage 24 V DC
Maximum power input 2 W
Power supply from CIB - maximum current consumption (mA) 85 mA
Galvanic separation of power supply from internal circuits Yes
Internal protection Yes
Size and weight
Weight approx. 150 g
Product dimensions (width x height x depth) 70 х 90 х 58 mm
Module width in multiples of M (17.5 mm) 4M
Operating conditions, product standards
Product standard ČSN EN 60730-1 ed. 2:2001 (mod IEC 60730-1:1999)
Product standard (B) ČSN EN IEC 61851-1 ed. 3:2022 (idt IEC 61851-1:2017)
Protection class of electrical object II, according to ČSN EN 61140 ed.3: 2016 (idt IEC 61140:2016)
IP rating (Ingress Protection) according to ČSN EN 60529: 1993 (idt IEC 529: 1989) IP10B
Operating areas Normal, acc. ČSN 33 2000-1 ed.2: 2009 (mod IEC 60354-1:2005)
Degree of pollution 1, according to ČSN EN 60664-1 ed.2:2008 ( idt IEC 60664-1:2007)
Overvoltage category installation II, according to EN 60664-1 ed_2: 2008 (idt IEC 60641-1: 2007)
Type of device Module on DIN rail
Working position Vertical
Type of operation (operating frequency) Continuous
Ambient operating temperatures –25 °C o +80 °C
Operating relative humidity from 10 % up to 95 % without condensation
Operating atmospheric pressure min. 70 kPa (<3,000 m above sea level)
Storage temperatures –25 ° C to + 85 ° C
Electromagnetic compatibility, Mechanical endurance
Electromagnetic compatibility / Emission B, according to EN 55032 ed. 2: 2017 (idt CISPR 32: 2015)
Electromagnetic compatibility / Immunity min. according to ČSN EN 60730-1 ed.2: 2001
Sinusoidal vibration endurance 10 Hz to 57 Hz, amplitude 0,075 mm, 57 Hz to 150 Hz, acceleration 1 G (Fc test according to EN 60068-2-6: 1997 (idt IEC 68-2-6: 1995), 10 cycles per axis.)
Packaginng, transportation, storage
Description The module is packed in a paper box. This documentation is also part of the package. The outer packaging is carried out according to the scope of the order and the method of transport in a transport package provided with labels and other data necessary for transport. The product must not be exposed to direct weather conditions during transport and storage. Malting of the product is only allowed in clean rooms without conductive dust, aggressive gases and vapors. The most suitable storage temperature is 20 ° C
Assembly description The module is mounted in a vertical position on the U-rail ČSN EN 50022. Installation of the assembly (basic module and possibly peripheral modules) is performed according to TXV 004 13.
Attention! The device may contain parts with dangerous voltages, covers being removed, or cabling manipulated, or disconnect the appropriate circuits or turn off the power !.
Connection description The module is powered by the CIB bus. The CIB bus can have any topology and branches up to a distance of 500 m and up to 32 units on one CIB branch. The maximum consumption of all modules of a single CIB branch is limited to 1A. The device contains a bus according to the IEC 61851-1 standard for controlling the AC charging of electric cars. DO1 is used to connect the charging indicator diode. The diode connects directly to DO1 without resistance. This LED indicates the charging of the electric car. The E-CAR ERR LED indicates an error on the bus for charging electric cars, or a disconnected electric car during charging. The E-CAR CONN LED indicates the connection of the electric car. The VENTILATION REQ LED indicates a request for room ventilation during charging. The CHARGE LED indicates charging of the electric car.

If the residual current control module is used
S-EV-0001X-RC (AC+DC) TXN 145 00 or
S-EV-0002X-RDC (DC) TXN 145 01
(must be ordered separately), is connected using a non-crossed
Ethernet cable into the RJ-45 connector.
Connection of power and system communication connector with 2.5 mm2 screw terminal
Connection of inputs / outputs connector with screw terminal 2.5 mm2
Specific I / O Residual current sensor S-EV-xxxx
Connection of specific I / O RJ45 connector
CIB connection connector with 2.5 mm2 screw terminal
Connection description An example of module connection is shown in the following figure.
Module operation
Commissioning The module is operated, set and diagnosed from the MOSAIC programming environment or other parameterization software. The module is ready for operation after connecting the supply voltage and the CIB bus. The HW address is indicated on the label on the module.
Module diagnostics The basic diagnostics is performed internally and the result is available in the relevant registers of the Mosaic environment. The module contains an indication LED for checking the status of inputs / outputs. By pressing the Manual Control button, the module can be switched to manual mode and the individual outputs can be controlled.
Description The module does not require any maintenance under general installation conditions. The operations in which a part of the module has to be dismantled must always be carried out with the supply voltage disconnected.
Notice Because the module contains semiconductor components, it is necessary to follow the principles for working with electrostatic sensitive components when handling the removed cover. It is not allowed to directly touch the printed circuit boards without protective measures !!!
Generally Warranty and complaint conditions are governed by the Terms and Conditions of Teco a.s.
Notice You must meet all the conditions of this documentation before turning on the system. The system must not be put into service unless it has been verified and confirmed that the machinery meets the requirements of Directive 89/392 / EEC, in so far as it applies to it. Documentation subject to change.

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