GT-7751TXN 177 51

GT-7751 1 axis positioning module

Picture Variant Variant description
GT-7751 Number of controlled axes: 1
GT-7752 Number of controlled axes: 2
GT-7753 Number of controlled axes: 4
GT-7754 Number of controlled axes: 6
GT-7751-4 are positioning modules of the Tecomat TC700 system for position control of machines by means of a servo drive (Motion Control). The modules are designed for simultaneous control of 1 to 6 axes in various modes of interconnection of motion. Each axis contains a control loop with a PID controller, where the input information about the actual position is read from an incremental encoder (IRC) or from a position encoder with a serial communication interface (SSI). The output of the controller is an analog signal ± 10V DC designed to control the actuator. For completeness of control logic, each axis has separate binary inputs (24V) for connection of a reference switch, two HW limit switches, a measuring touch probe switch and a relay output for controlling the actuator brake.

The modules ensure the conversion of input levels to the levels of the PLC's internal logic signals and fault filtering, and vice versa and ensure the conversion of logic signals from the PLC to output signals. Information on the module types and its basic parameters is provided by the data on the front plates and on the sides of the module. The inside of the door shows the signal layout on the terminals of the module connector.

The module is uniquely identified in the PLC by the position of the module in the frame and the address of the frame. Positioning modules can be mounted in any position of the base and extension frames.
Order num. TXN 177 51
Teco code TXN 177 51
Categories TC700 - Positioning and counter modules
Tags Sales and production discontinued

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GT-7751/52/53/54 - Basic documentation

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