C-RC-0002R-LOGUS, gray, TISTXN 133 33.LTIS

C-RC-0002R-Logus dark gray; CIB, Wall controller with LCD1, 3 buttons, temperature sensor

DI 3x Button
DO 1x green LED
AI 1x AI
COM 1x CIB slave
1x LCD display
SENSOR 1x internal temperature
Picture Variant Variant description
C-RC-0002R-Logus; white, TBR
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Color: White
C-RC-0002R-Logus, ivory, TMF
CStock priority
Color: Ivory
C-RC-0002R-Logus; ice, TGE
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Color: Ice
C-RC-0002R-Logus; pearlescent, TPE
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Color: Pearl
C-RC-0002R-LOGUS, aluminum, TAL
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Color: Aluminum
C-RC-0002R-LOGUS, gray, TIS
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Color: Grey
C-RC-0002R-Logus black
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Color: Gold
C-RC-0002R-Logus gold
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Color: Black
The C-RC-0002R module is an interior controller with a 3-digit 7-segment LCD display, 3 buttons and an LED for signaling. It is designed for wall mounting in an installation box to control the temperature in the room. It is connected in two wires to the CIB Common Installation Bus®.

It has two parts. The first part is visible, on the wall with control and display, the second part - a tube module - connected via a flat cable is placed in the installation box and is used to connect to the CIB bus.

The module also contains two measuring inputs. The first is permanently connected to the internal temperature sensor. The second input is led through the wires on the tube module and a separate external sensor can be connected to it.
Order num. TXN 133 33.LTIS
Teco code TXN 133 33.LTIS
Categories CFox - LOGUS, Covers and devices
Tags -
COM - System buses
CIB - Common Installation Bus (R): Installation I/O bus 1x CIB slave
AI - Analog Input Ranges (Group A)
Parameters valid for inputs on the terminals +IN, -IN
Passive sensor Resistance transmitter 0-100 kOhm
Passive sensor NTC Thermistor 5k / 25 °C (–40 to + 125 °C)
Passive sensor NTC Thermistor 10k / 25 °C (-40 to + 125 °C)
Passive sensor NTC Thermistor 12k / 25 °C (-40 to + 125 °C)
Passive sensor NTC Thermistor 15k / 25 °C (-40 to + 125 °C)
Passive sensor NTC Thermistor 20k / 25 °C (-40 to + 125 °C)
Parameter des Temperatursensors
Temperature - Description of measurements Main analog input = Internal sensor temperature
Additional analog input = External sensor temperature (according to the sensor used)
Temperature - Sensor type Pt1000
Temperature - Measurement range 0°C ÷ 50°C
Temperature - Resolution 0,1 °C
Temperature - Measurement accuracy typ. ±0,5 °C
Power supply
Supply voltage, tolerances 24/27 V DC from CIB bus
Maximum power input < 0,5 W
Galvanic separation of power supply from internal circuits No
Size and weight
Weight approx. 75 g
Product dimensions (width x height x depth) 83 x 81 x 25 mm
Operating conditions, product standards
Product standard ČSN EN 60730-1 ed. 2:2001 (mod IEC 60730-1:1999)
Protection class of electrical object III, according to ČSN EN 61140 ed.3: 2016 (idt IEC 61140:2016)
IP rating (Ingress Protection) according to ČSN EN 60529: 1993 (idt IEC 529: 1989) IP20
Operating areas Normal, acc. ČSN 33 2000-1 ed.2: 2009 (mod IEC 60354-1:2005)
Degree of pollution 1, according to ČSN EN 60664-1 ed.2:2008 ( idt IEC 60664-1:2007)
Overvoltage category installation II, according to EN 60664-1 ed_2: 2008 (idt IEC 60641-1: 2007)
Type of device In the installation box on the wall
Working position Horizontal
Type of operation (operating frequency) Continuous
Ambient operating temperatures 0 °C to + 55 °C
Operating relative humidity from 10 % up to 95 % without condensation
Operating atmospheric pressure min. 70 kPa (<3,000 m above sea level)
Storage temperatures –25 °C to +70 °C
Electromagnetic compatibility, Mechanical endurance
Electromagnetic compatibility / Emission B, according to EN 55022: 1999 (mod CISPR22: 1997)
Electromagnetic compatibility / Immunity min. according to ČSN EN 60730-1 ed.2: 2001
Sinusoidal vibration endurance 10 Hz to 57 Hz, amplitude 0,075 mm, 57 Hz to 150 Hz, acceleration 1 G (Fc test according to EN 60068-2-6: 1997 (idt IEC 68-2-6: 1995), 10 cycles per axis.)
Packaginng, transportation, storage
Description The module is packed in a paper box. This documentation is also part of the package. The outer packaging is carried out according to the scope of the order and the method of transport in a transport package provided with transport labels and other data necessary for transport.

Transport from the manufacturer is carried out in the manner agreed upon when ordering. The transport of the product by the customer's own means must be carried out by covered means of transport, in the position specified by the label on the packaging. The box must be stored in such a way that it does not move spontaneously and the outer packaging is not damaged.

The product must not be exposed to direct weather conditions during transport and storage. Transport is permitted at temperatures of -25 ° C to 70 ° C, relative humidity of 10% to 95% (non-condensing) and a minimum atmospheric pressure higher than 70 kPa.

The product may only be stored in clean rooms free of conductive dust, aggressive gases and vapors. The most suitable storage temperature is 20 ° C.
Assembly description The sensor module is mounted in the installation box using a mounting fitting. When mounting and positioning the sensor module, it is necessary to ensure that the operating conditions are observed during its subsequent operation.
Connection description The module is implemented as a standard unit on a two-wire CIB bus, which ensures communication and power supply of the entire sensor. The bus wires are connected to the wires that are routed on the tube module (for marking, see Fig. 1).

The CIB bus can have any topology and branching up to a distance of 500 m and up to 32 units on one CIB branch. The CIB bus master is the basic PLC unit TECOMAT FOXTROT or an external CIB bus master, eg the CF-1141 module. Further information can be found in the manual Peripheral modules on the CIB TXV 004 13.
Connection of power and system communication Ribbon flat conductors 0.15 / 0.5 mm2
CIB connection Conductors 0.5 mm2
Module operation
Module configuration SW configuration, operation and diagnostics of the C-RC-0002R module are performed from the MOSAIC programming environment.

Improper connection of the terminals and setting of the jumpers may damage the module.
Commissioning The module is operated, set and diagnosed from the MOSAIC programming environment or other parameterization software. The module is ready for operation after connecting the supply voltage and the CIB bus. The HW address is indicated on the label on the module.
Module diagnostics The basic diagnostics is performed internally and the result is available in the relevant registers of the Mosaic environment.
Description The module does not require any maintenance under general installation conditions. The operations in which a part of the module has to be dismantled must always be carried out with the supply voltage disconnected.
Notice Because the module contains semiconductor components, it is necessary to follow the principles for working with electrostatic sensitive components when handling the removed cover. It is not allowed to directly touch the printed circuit boards without protective measures !!!
Generally Warranty and complaint conditions are governed by the Terms and Conditions of Teco a.s.
Notice You must meet all the conditions of this documentation before turning on the system. The system must not be put into service unless it has been verified and confirmed that the machinery meets the requirements of Directive 89/392 / EEC, in so far as it applies to it. Documentation subject to change.

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