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The WireguardLib library supports the setting of Wireguard VPN parameters, which allows you to integrate these PLCs into a virtual private network, where the PLC is a client.

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WireguardLib Library
Foxtrot 2 PLC systems include support for Wireguard VPN (see www.wireguard.com), which allows these PLCs to be integrated into a virtual private network.
Parameter settings for VPN can be performed from the browser via the web server built into the PLC or from the PLC user program using functions from the WireguardLib library.
The Wireguard VPN service can work in the PLC as a server or as a client. The WireguardLib library supports the setting of VPN parameters, where the PLC is in the role of a client.
The WireguardLib library is only supported on Foxtrot 2 systems from version v4.5
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