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Firmware Updater is a tool for software management in PLC devices of the Tecomat Foxtrot type communicating via Ethernet.

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Firmware Updater - SW tool
Firmware Updater is a tool for software management in PLC devices of the Tecomat Foxtrot type communicating via Ethernet. With this tool, you can easily change the firmware versions of Foxtrot central units and the peripheral modules connected to them on the TCL2 or CIB communication buses. RFox radio modules are not yet supported.

Thanks to the newly introduced system of application descriptors, it enables a clear display of the complete assembly of the PLC system in the form of a tree structure, which allows the user better orientation when updating the firmware of the selected device. In addition, everything is complemented by informative texts and pictures. In addition to displaying the PLC assembly in the form of a tree structure, the user is offered the option of generating a complete list of possible firmware updates in the entire PLC system, where they can be upgraded to the latest available version at the touch of a button.

Access to new firmware versions and other files published by Teco a.s. then it provides an update system that obtains information about newly released versions on the company's official FTP server. Firmware and other necessary files are downloaded from the FTP server in complete sets directly to the computer, which gives the user the assurance that after a successful update, he will have access to any of these files even offline.
Order num. TXV 003 11
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Firmware Updater

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