ID-32TXN 054 45.01

ID-32, integriertes Touch-Panel, resistives 4,3' TFT 480x272 px, Ethernet 10 / 100Base, RS-485, Rahmen - Aluminium (TAL)

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ID-32 Rahmenfarbe: Aluminium
ID-32 Farbe: Grau
ID-32 Farbe: Weiß
ID-32 Farbe: Anthrazitschwarz
ID-32, integriertes Touch-Panel, resistives 4,3 TFT 480x272 px, Ethernet 10 / 100Base, RS-485, Rahmen - Aluminium (TAL)"
Bestellnummer TXN 054 45.01
Teco-Code TXN 054 45.01
Kategorien HMI - Grafische Touchpanels
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ID-31 - Grundlegende Dokumentation

244,87 kB, (CS, EN, RU, DE)
  • Graphic panels with 4.3“ display, ID-31, ID-32 - The operator´s panels ID-31 and ID-32 are designed to cooperate with the TECOMAT TC700 systems and Foxtrot. User screens are created in the Mosaic programming environment with the Webmaker tool, and are therefore identical with the sites ac...
  • Graphic panels with a 10" display, the ID-36 - ...unting in the switchboard door, and the like. Connecting the cables (Ethernet, 24 VDC power supply) is identical with the ID-32 panel. Fig. 1. Mechanical dimensions and placement of the ID-36 module connectors   Notes:...
  • The operator panels - Several types of operator panels are available for Foxtrot systems (partly also for TC700): ID-31/ID-32 ID-36 ID-14 ID-16

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